Richard Sauder Briefing

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Dr. Richard Sauder speaks about his book “The Richard Sauder Briefing”
The central reality of the early 21st Century is the total certainty of imminent, massive, deep-rooted change in every sphere of reality that is meaningful to the human race. This change will not be long in arriving, not at all, indeed, we are already being buffeted by the first, outlying squalls of the rapidly approaching level-five hurricane that will soon be upon us with the full force of its fury.

The imperial warmongering of the USA government represents an attempt by a certain faction of the self-anointed, so-called global ‘elite’ to use the American military juggernaut as a violent tool to stage manage the oncoming turmoil. Their objective is to try to control a series of large, upcoming, epochal events that are essentially uncontrollable and unmanageable. But this will not deter those who fancy themselves to be humanity’s ‘superiors’. They will soldier on, literally, with their aircraft carrier battle groups, their nuclear missiles, their stealth bombers, their genetically engineered viruses, and their rampaging armies equipped with night vision goggles, GPS-coordinated weaponry, drunk on self-induced illusions of patriotism, nationalism, blood, guts and gore.

It is a nightmarish vision they have and they want to impose it on the rest of the planet by brute force. Indeed, they have already begun to do this. If you are an Iraqi who was disemboweled or decapitated by a cluster bomb that came whistling in from an American Air Force B-52 cruising overhead at 40,000 feet, then the apocalypse has already arrived for you. And in this case, the apocalypse is stamped ‘Made in America’.

One of the great ironies of our time is that the same American regime that constantly lectures the rest of the world about “freedom” and “democracy” has effectively unleashed the Pentagon on the world as a rogue mercenary force, eviscerated the American Constitution, made torture an instrument of policy, and has created an anti-civil liberties Frankenstein’s monster in the form of the new, sprawling bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security.

This insidious effort to impose an Orwellian, authoritarian regime on the United States and much of the rest of the world is but the latest installment in a long-term program to subjugate the entire planet in a violent, iron grip.

In fact, this ruthless program of social, political, military and economic control has been underway for millennia already, going back to the time of the Roman Empire and even before that, to ancient Babylon and pharaonic Egypt and far back beyond that into the mists of remote antiquity. There is a dark, ruthless, self-destructive splinter buried deep in the warp and the woof of the human species – it is woven into our genetics, our history, our society, our mind. And it expresses, nay, it acts out, in the ugliest ways imaginable, over and over again as the centuries and millennia slowly and bloodily scroll by. We slaughter one another by the millions in warfare and genocide over and over again. We impose cruel and terrible dictatorships. We torture, rape, imprison, sack, pillage and plunder. Again and again and again and again. And we invoke our tribal deities as justification for what we do – Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, Krishna…

But this vile trajectory of history is fast approaching a decisive turning point. In mathematical terms, the quickening pace of events on this planet is rapidly approaching infinity. There has been a sharp inflection in every aspect of the curve that describes the course of human events on planet Earth. Uncharted waters lie just ahead. Planet-wide chaos approaches, and quickly.

This has most definitely not gone unnoticed by the planet’s self-anointed ‘elite’. They realize that the game has entered a new, chaotic, supremely important phase that they must control at all costs, if they are to maintain the system of political, religious, economic and social dominance they have been violently putting in place for the last centuries and millennia.

Hence, the Pentagon has been unleashed, essentially as a mercenary force in the service of great evil, to violently subjugate the human race to a planet-wide, totalitarian control. Monitoring, tracking, surveillance and control of individual humans increase by the day. This is not freedom. This is tyranny, and it aims to impose itself by hook or by crook or by force on every human being on this planet. And that is just part of what we are facing as a species and as a planet.

This briefing book is accordingly intended for the many millions of people who have come late to the realization that: “Hey! Something is going on! Kansas is going bye-bye!” Well, yes it is, the world as you have known it is going away as surely as Dorothy’s Kansas went away in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz

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