Alan Watt Discusses Corona Social Engineering

Published on June 3, 2020 by with Alan Watt – TOPICS – Aldous Huxley, Suggestible People, E. Bernays, Mike Wallace – Pay with Our Tax Dollars for the Studies that Manipulate Us; Managed like Cattle; Behaviourists – Hundred Year Business Plans – British Empire and Banking System; America’s Federal Reserve (Private Banks) – Reign of Terror on the Public – Part One, 9/11, The Towers; Part Two, The Corona – Lockdown, Herd Immunity – Problems with Testing – Vaccine Industry – Elimination of Privacy – UK, Bristol Hospital, Social Distancing – A Second Wave, Outbreak – Alan Dershowitz, States can Mandate Vaccines – Tyrants, Depravity and Slaughter, Caligula, Nero, Bolsheviks, Marquis de Sade, Lenin – We’re in a Revolution NOW – Releasing Prisoners During Revolutions – Virus Magic with Talismans of Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer – Trained Public that Computers are Gods White Magic, Black Magic – Knut Wittkowski – Prof. Dolores Cahill – Gain of Function – Bioweapons, CIA – Book, Deadly Allies, Canada’s Secret War – Tainted Blood from Hemophiliacs, B. Clinton Sold to Lab in Canada – Eugenics – Population Matters – The Club of Rome – WHO – Sustainability – Bill Gates – The Disgusting Way of the Elderly have Been Treated During this Pandemic is Pure Eugenics – Bioethics Committees – Gates, Reimagining Education – North Carolina, Wuhan, Fauci Authorizing Transfer of Virus to China

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