Ben Stewart – Invades England Tour

Published on January 18, 2013 by

This talk is for all artists, spiritualists, and psychenauts (explorers of the consciousness). The basis of asking questions with the senses and intuition. Discovering how time and ideas create archetypes in the form of prisms. How the universe and all of it’s inhabitants develop and behave as light in a series of geometrical prisms. The power of the orgasm and the act of sex mixed with attentiveness. Art and its importance in culture. This presentation serves to give a new method to relate to life by removing one’s self from the edifice of the old relation.

Ben talk about the following in this talk:

Discussion of Attention as being the most valuable resource in our world.

Discussion of the prisms in which we build our belief systems. How they are built and how to deconstruct them if we wish to.

Discussion of the importance of Art and finding an artistic outlet for self discovery.

Group activity/experiment with single words and images to discover their power.

Group activity/experiment called the “Sufi Heart Dance”

Construction of individual affirmations to change life towards self discovery and ultimate freedom.


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