Choosing Love & Hope Over Fear

Published on April 7, 2020 by

In this video, respected healer, musician & urban mystic Dar Pan shares some thoughts on Coronavirus & ideas to help keep your resonance frequency high & out of fear.

Dar Pan is a neo-shaman and urban mystic. He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts, sound healing seminars and shamanic retreats. He is a living synthesis of his teachings and is an inspirational speaker and gifted musician.He was born in the Netherlands and was raised and educated in Australia. He graduated from Flinders University with a B.A (hons) majoring in Psychology and the Dramatic Arts.He spent several years studying the art of Meditation in India with Osho, an enlightened mystic and later lived and worked with various shamans and healers in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.Further studies include Transpersonal Psychology and the teachings of Dr. Stanislav Grof. He is also deeply influenced by Tibetan Bhuddist and Taoist philosophy.

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