Common Law Courts

Published on January 8, 2020 by

A Lawful Remedy for the People : John Smith explains why there is a need for the Common Law Court.

Natural law principles are the foundation for the Common Law Court; this court has been established as the highest court in the land. The existing judicial system is not here to ensure justice, it is here to protect vested interests and the state. We the people need to understand that the authority lies within ourselves and that the Common Law Court offers the opportunity to hold every individual accountable for their behaviour.

It is no longer acceptable for people to suffer while others are rewarded for their abuse of power and trust.

Bio : As a whistle-blower within the casino industry John made the mistake of thinking that the judicial system and government were there to protect the people. For this naivety John ended up bankrupt, homeless and unemployed. It was then the journey began with the principles of causing no harm, no loss or injury and to remain honourable within your contractual dealings.

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