Community Led Activism & 5G

Published on June 15, 2020 by

Ian R Crane is the founder of the Alternative View Conferences; the first being held in April 2008, shortly prior to the launch of Edge Media TV on Sky Channel 200, which Ian was involved with until it’s demise in 2013. Between 2013 & 2018 Ian focused on supporting UK Communities in their quest to resist attempts to FRACK within the proximity of their towns & villages. Ian was a front line participant in the anti-fracking camps at Barton Moss, Greater Manchester (2013/2014), Crawberry Hill, East Yorks (2014/2015), Kirby Misperton, North Yorks (2017) & Misson Springs, Notts (2018).

Ian has also represented a number of communities in legal challenges against injunctions imposed by the Courts on behalf of the Fracking Companies preventing lawful protest. In addition, Ian produced 121 episodes of FRACKING NIGHTMARE & 117 episodes of HUMANITY vs INSANITY between 2013 & 2019 before the Prostate Cancer (first diagnosed in late 2016) took hold and forced Ian to withdraw from public life in late 2019. In this AV10 presentation (May 2019), a fore-runner to Ian’s ‘5G : Is it SAFE?’ tour, (Sept/Oct 2019), Ian explains how the same ‘Community Led’ approach will be crucial in Communities opposing and ultimately prevent being saturate by 5G microwave frequencies. In May 2020, a report appeared in the British National Press stating that eighty seven 5G transmission towers had been destroyed by vandalism! When all else fails, ‘Direct Action’ becomes essential in protecting future generations from the dystopian technocratic Corporatist nightmare!

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