Fiat Empire

Published on January 26, 2006 by

Are you aware that the U.S. Constitution states that only Congress has the authority to create money; this money must be backed by gold and silver; and “bills of credit,” also known as Federal Reserve Notes, are illegal under Article I?

Are you aware that our government is violating all of these stipulations at this time? The Federal Reserve System is a quasi-private, government-sanctioned banking cartel that issues “bills of credit” on behalf of Congress. This banking system, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, creates endless amounts of paper currency out of thin air and then lends it to the government creating the national debt. Behind-the-scenes planners of the Federal Reserve System knew from day-one that they would have to lobby to instate an income tax to ensure interest payments on the national debt, thus the Fed and the Income Tax were both created in the same year, 1913.

Most citizens aren’t aware that every dollar that comes into existence does so as a dollar of debt because the entire money supply of the United States is no longer backed by gold or silver, but DEBT. Is it any wonder we are now in a “credit crises”? We now live in a nation so overwhelmed by public and private debt, it will be impossible to pay it all off.

Due to the mathematics of principle and interest creation under “fractional reserve banking” as codified and practiced by the Federal Reserve System, the U.S. monetary system is the largest ponzi scheme in history, now well over $100 trillion dollars . . . and growing. Why else is “globalization” necessary, than to bring in fresh money?!

Watch this award-winning film to find out why some feel the Federal Reserve’s practice of facilitating fiat money (money not backed by gold or silver) is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and others feel the Fed is simply “a bunch of organized crooks.” Find out how fiat money has debased the currency since 1913, the year the Federal Reserve System was established.

In Fiat Empire you will discover why experts agree the Fed is a banking cartel that provides unjust enrichment for Wall Street bankers, their “too-big-to-fail” corporate clients and a Congress that would rather increase the national debt than go to the citizens for more taxes. Find out how the media facilitates the partnership between the Fed and Congress and why it often fails to disclose what’s going on at the grass roots level. Lastly, find out how the Federal Reserve member banks are owned and controlled by an elite group of insiders that use debt-based, fractional reserve money to fund their agenda of globalization and one-world government.

Fiat Empire is inspired by The Creature from Jekyll Island, a book by well-known author and Freedom Force founder, G. Edward Griffin and features congressman Ron Paul.

Also featured is Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., J.D. from Harvard (foremost authority on the U.S. Constitution and author of Pieces of Eight and Consitutional Homeland Security). Dr. Vieira and the various experts in Fiat Empire discuss the Fed in connection with long-term studies which indicate that the Federal Reserve System encourages war, destabilizes the economy, generates inflation (a hidden tax) and is the supreme instrument of unjust enrichment for a select group of insiders. Dr. Ted Baehr (founder of MovieGuide®) rounds out the discussion by addressing the relationship between the mainstream media, the Fed and the government. Often delving into why the mainstream media only broadcasts a narrow spectrum of issues, Fiat Empire explains why new voices and third-party candidates are often marginalized, if not suppressed entirely from the public discourse.

Bear in mind that twice before in U.S. history, the American People voted down central banks similar to the Federal Reserve System. We did it then, we can do it again. We can do it again if we are able to explain to enough people how fiat and fractional money cause, not only excessive national debt, but mortgage and credit card debt. Increasing numbers feel this debt could destroy the U.S. dollar and crash the World economy beyond repair — unless the profligate oligarchy that’s now trying to cease power is brought under Constitutional control.

Fiat Empire defines the gateway problem to all other economic problems and proposes a number of solutions to bring a Constitutional monetary system back to the United States and general welfare to you and all citizens.

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