Free Energy Cover-Up?

Published on March 3, 2004 by

Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered on May 14, 2004. His death has left a tremendous void in not only the daily lives of those who loved him, but also within the new energy field. Dr. Mallove, founder of Infinite Energy and New Energy Foundation, was a long-time advocate for new energy science and technology and perhaps the most well-known spokesperson for the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

Eugene Mallove, born in Norwich, New Hampshire on June 9 of 1947, is one of the prominent scientists who sacrificed his career in the cause of cold fusion.

Mallove attended MIT, where he earned his BS degree in 1969 and his MS degree in 1970. His studies were in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. He received his ScD in environmental health sciences in 1975 from Harvard.

He was a teacher, professor and writer, doing much of his work at MIT, where he was a consultant in the Lincoln Laboratory. His work there focused on new energy technologies, and he aided with research and development.

Other work included technology engineering at Hughes Research Laboratories and the Analytic Science Corporation.

Besides his interest in new energy technologies, Mallove taught science journalism at his alma mater of MIT, and at Boston University as well. In addition, he works at the news office at MIT as the chief science writer. He also was the science writer at Voice of America, and a broadcaster, as well.

The study of alternative energy was one of Mallove’s passions. In fact, his work with cold fusion cost him his position as chief science writer with the MIT news department. His commitment to the subject led him to found the New Energy Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the publicity for alternative energies. He also was the editor, publisher, consulting scientist, and science writer for the magazine, Infinite Energy.

He observed the first experiment of Fleischman and Pons in 1989, and was committed to cold fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction from that time forth. His belief in the development of this technology cost his some credibility in a formal scientific community that he scorned for its closed-mindedness.

Forms of alternative fuel were also a focus of Mallove’s studies and experiments. He worked with biogas. Biodiesel, bioethanol, and carbonization, among others, to discover an affordable and effect fuel source to replace petroleum products and coal.

By far, his greatest efforts were in the realm of cold fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. At a time when many physicists and scientists were ridiculing the work of Fleischman and Pons and their cold fusion reactor, Mallove saw the experiment as the opening of a door to true alternative energy