Global Health Conspiracy & How We Dismantle It

Published on June 15, 2020 by

International health educator Clive de Carle reveals how it is that over the last 100 years our natural state of wellness has been replaced with a spiralling disease epidemic. We are told that medical capabilities and life expectancies are at their peak, but is this really true? According to Clive, since Big Pharma started funding the medical schools, many advanced medicinal practices and technologies, previously in use, have been forgotten and instead we have become dependent on Allopathic Doctors and their sythetic drugs!

Now, amidst ever increasing social, political and environmental de-stabilisation, as well as the escalating environmental toxicity, there is a greater imperative than ever to become what Clive calls ‘Health Resilient’ and take back full control of our health. Clive will be taking a look at some of the things we should all be doing to reverse illness, protect against disease and safeguard our health and happiness.

BIO Clive de Carle is an international educator in the field of health mastery and has helped thousands of people to restore their health through talks, retreats, broadcasts, videos and consultancy. Recognised as one of the world’s leading health researchers, Clive has spent thirty years studying the most effective natural health solutions available. Clive is the host of the pioneering Health Revolution internet TV show which features over 300 of Clive’s interviews with international health experts. According to Clive, there are in fact only three reasons why we lose our health: toxicity, physical damage and nutrient deficiency. There is no fourth reason. Our bodies are not low on pharmaceutical drugs. By understanding the power of nutritional supplementation to reverse illness, we all have the power to get back our health autonomy and get well for life.

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