Hijacking Humanity

Published on July 12, 2008 by

Have you noticed recently that your country seems to moving more towards being a Corporate-run Police State? Are you wondering why the Banks are crashing and why companies are demanding huge bailouts? How could the Media have dropped the ball on reporting all these things accurately, and why do they seem more intent on “selling” us the news, rather than just reporting it? Have you ever gone to Court only to find it a complicated, costly experience you’d never have to repeat?

If you are wondering any of these things, or have questions similar in nature, then you’ve come to the right place! “Hijacking Humanity” helps to answer these questions and more, shedding light on some of the more immediate mysteries that surround our various Systems of Authoritarian Control…

With the creation of the Series, “The Cause of Effect” and its first film, “Hijacking Humanity”, we wanted to present information that we had gleaned from multiple sources over hundreds of hours of research in a nice package that saves people time on one hand, and additionally presents the info in a way that is urgent, but also light-hearted.

We’ve made every effort to leave the viewer empowered, and present information in a non-judgmental, solution oriented manner, while being respectful to all the people and subjects we cover.

We’re hoping to expose the Left-Right Paradigm and get those activist “Good Democrat Liberals” and “Good Republican Conservatives” to realize both ends of the spectrum represent 2 hands of the Corporate Party, and to wake people up to just how deep the rabbit hole goes

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