How Can We Reclaim Sovereignty & Control Of Our Lives?

Published on November 10, 2014 by

Ingunn Sigurdsdatter was working as a university teacher and was co-owner of a successful tour operating company, when she experienced an abrupt awakening on all levels and her life changed 180 degrees. She now dedicates most of her time to researching what she perceives to be a scam perpetrated by a global oligarchy, where we the people and the land we live on are traded as commodities in the global markets. Together with her partner Michael, they stopped paying the mortgage some time ago and refused to participate in the fraudulent actions of the banks. They have since declared their estate sovereign and given it the name Niceland.

Since their home is under foreclosure, this is a real-time experiment and show-case for all of us. The intention is to establish a solid precedence and to show an example of how to take our sovereign powers back and become the divine essence and creator force that we are.

Regaining dominion: how did we, the living man and woman, become corporate products and how can we reclaim sovereignty and control of our lives? We live in a world where the banks have become the secret owners of what we perceive of as our governments. We, the human resource, are the product. Basically, our life force is preyed upon and has become an object of speculation for investors. We have become slaves in a format so subtle that it is hard to recognise. How did this happen? Her presentation aims to show how and when we became the property of the banks, what the original intention of the “trust law” was and what to do about the present situation. How can we reclaim our natural right to live on the earth without being part of destructive social contracts?

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