How To Download Online Videos

Published on June 15, 2020 by

Given the increasing levels of unprecedented online censorship it is recommended you download and save videos that contain important information.

It has become increasingly obvious, that when there is information certain forces do not want people to see, ALL video platforms are either censored or hacked. Many people think that BitChute and Brighteon are safe places from censorship, but this is not the case and although videos are not being removed, in many cases, videos simply do not play due to some form of hacking manipulation.

Here are websites you can use to download online videos (use a pop up and ad blocker as it is generally unavoidable to have some pop up ads when using these websites):

Download YouTube videos:

Download BitChute videos:

Download Facebook videos:

Download any other videos:

Sometimes these sites come and go – just search for alternatives – there is always a way to download online videos – is quite a good search engine

It is recommended to store videos on portable USB drives or SD cards that you can easily carry around and copy and share with others.

Internet video sites simply cannot be relied on.

Happy downloading