Human Resources

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The first part of the “Human Resources” documentary examines and explores the central role of elite sponsorship of Behaviourism to create controlled and controllable workplaces and classrooms as means of controlling the great mass of society: Kissinger and the elite’s “useless eaters”. It also touches upon the manner in which these crude psychological techniques are used in advertising.

The second part of “Human Resources” examines Behaviourism’s central role in the covert mind control experiments whose most famous example is MK-ULTRA.

Interviewee Dr Colin Ross makes many crucial points, and demolishes numerous limited hangouts and spooky cover stories, including the entirely bogus claim that western mind control research was a response to Red Communist experiments. In fact, the western programmes were in existence long before the “brainwashing” stories of the Korean War, whose framing and reporting itself constituted a spin operation led by journalist and US intelligence asset Edward Hunter, who was charged with delivering this particular psyop.

The paper trail for western mind control experiments ends in 1973.

Covert mind control experimentation on humans and animals did not stop in 1973.

“Human Resources” entirely correctly recognizes the codification of Behaviourist mind control techniques in the KUBARK and Human Resource Exploitation Training Manuals of western intelligence interrogators, and the use of these techniques in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and numerous other classified sites.

MK-ULTRA shrink Ewan Cameron’s core concepts of “Depatterning”, the creation of a human tabula rasa through extensive electroshock and sensory deprivation, and “Psychic Driving”, the creation of a brand new psyche containing only elements deemed desirable by the authority figure programmer, are central to KUBARK.

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