Inside Britain’s Israeli Lobby

Published on October 5, 2012 by

In this documentary, Political commentator Peter Oborne investigates the most powerful & influential political lobby in Britain today; the Pro-Israel Lobby, & their political activities in support of the interests of the Zionist State of Israel. The program accurately reports how very little is known about the individuals & groups who actually make up Britain’s Pro Israel Lobby, despite the fact they have great influence among the highest echelons & realms of the politics and media there. An attempt is made to establish who these people are, how they’re funded, how they work & what influence & impact they have on British politics, from the Lobby’s key groups to the wealthy Zionist individuals who help fund their Pro-Israeli Lobbyist activities.

Issues of how accountable, transparent & open to scrutiny the Pro-Israel Lobby is… are also looked at in some detail, particularly in regard to the Pro-Israel Lobby’s funding & “Strings Attached” financial support of British MP’s. The documentary shows how the Pro-Israel Lobby shapes & overly influences the political debate in Britain regarding Israel & Britain’s future foreign policy, how Britain’s Israel Lobby operates from within the corridors of British political power & the duplicitous tactics very often employed by them behind the scenes when engaging with the media, including labeling innocent critics of Israel’s foreign policy & her crimes against innocent Palestinians, as “anti-semite”…