MET Bullies & Haw’s Peace Campaign

Published on August 20, 2011 by

Make sure you watch to the end to see how the Police filmed their own corruption when they didn’t know the camera was still recording…

Thursday, 11th August, 2011 Babara Tucker was kidnapped by Police in Parliament Square – Illustrating the government’s latest abuse of the Police and Courts for political purposes, corrupt ‘Judge’ Nicholas Evans (without due process or just cause) sentenced Babs to nine weeks in Holloway Prison for obstructing an illegal search carried out the equally corrupt Sgt. David Cole.

On Sunday, 19th July, 2009 on Sky News, Adam Boulton interviewed David Cameron (before he became Prime Minister)…

Adam Boulton: “…you’re quoted in the papers today as saying that you’d like to get rid of the permanent protest in Parliament Square by Brian Haw… How would you do it ?”

David Cameron: “I don’t have all the answers… I’m all in favour of free speech, the right to demonstrate, the right to protest… I’m all for demonstrations… but my argument is enough is enough.”

The Truth is that after becoming Prime Minister, he used corrupt Police and Judges to persecute Brian Haw & Babs Tucker… what he couldn’t foresee was that inept Sgt. David Cole would film the evidence of this corruption during the State Opening of Parliament on Tuesday, 25th May, 2010 – when he seized Brian’s Camera and didn’t realise it was still recording!

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