New Video Content

Published on June 15, 2020 by

Taking a break from updating, probably for a while…

Via this website there are almost a thousand videos to watch on a wide variety of subjects and this site will continue on as an alternative source of information and a treasure trove for truth seekers.

A list of recommended video producers to find new content has been compiled below…

Many of the channels are on multiple platforms due to censorship, so have a look into that and you will hopefully get access to all their videos.

Obviously there are many other good channels and good people out there producing videos – just look around the collection here and search for people and subjects if you’re interested to know more…there didn’t seem any point in listing every source here.

Recommended Sources:

James Corbett

Activist Post – Spiro Skouras

The Last American Vagabond

UK Column

David Icke

Max Igan

Public Enquiry

Truthstream Media

Del Bigtree

The Alternative View


London Real – Digital Freedom Platform