Quantum Communication

Published on January 29, 2013 by

This extraordinary film by producer David Sereda, “Quantum Communication,” explains how communication works from the Quantum level. The way we manifest abundance in our lives is to awaken the genius within each one of us so that we can excel in our relationships, careers and super-learning to transform our lives and those around us.

This awakening of intelligence happens when we understand how “Quantum Communication” functions within each of us. Featuring Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Konstantine Korotkov of the Heart Math Institute, Dr. Michael Chaikin, David Sereda, Dr. Lynn Sereda, Crystal Frost, Dr. Stanislav O’Jack, Dr. Gary Schwartz Paulette Orona and many more.

This information has been shared to spread knowledge to those who otherwise would not have access to it. If you can afford it, please purchase this film at http://www.voiceentertainment.net/movies/quantumcommunication.html

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