Sustainable Freedom Through Inner Journey

Published on April 10, 2019 by

In this presentation, Luis mentioned 5 main relationships in life that we need to focus on to change our entire perspective on life, and therefore the results we have in it.

Those 5 things are:

Significant Other

He started the presentation with a real-life example that took place on his way to Acapulco about his new toy and how it became a learning opportunity for him and his son. This is one of the premises that talk about the paradigm shift on moving from a win-lose mentality, to a WIN-LEARN mentality and how this refocuses our tunnel of reality for the better.

The presentation also touched on the idea of self-actualization and what it takes to get there, as well as the fact that once we have a level of it, we become aware of the interconnectedness with other humans and therefore we do not consciously cause them harm. Also, on how we are our worst critics, and how asking for help is of paramount importance.

Luis covered the idea of karma, what it is, and how to be free from the pain that we hold on to, self love, and the self-talk that goes on in our minds. The importance of meditation, awareness, and other modalities to remember the SELF.

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