The Girl Against Fluoride

Published on September 4, 2013 by

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. This documentary follows Aisling Fitzgibbon (The Girl Against Fluoride) on her Stripped Of Her Rights campaign where she removed her clothes on Grafton Street to highlight the dangers of fluoride in her water. The film then follows her to Chemifloc who fluoridate the Irish water. Ireland is the only EU State to mandatorily fluoridate it’s water. Numerous reports from accredited sources internationally have come out highlighting the dangers of fluoride. The video also features footage of Brian Stanley discussing his proposed fluoridation bill and footage from enviromental scientist Declan Waugh. Papers will be filed Sptember 2013 due to new evidence .In order for Aisling to bring a successful legal challenge against The State, funding is required to pay to fly in expert witnesses from around the world to give testimony and so here lies the costs.

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