The Neem Tree Controversy

Published on April 2, 2013 by

The Neem Tree is rarely mentioned in the broadcast media. Pharmaceutical companies have been researching Neem for decades (allegedly more than any other plant) but have no financial incentive to increase awareness of a plant which is a non-toxic alternative to thousands of chemical products (pesticides, fertilizers, medicines,cosmetics…)

This 1st section fo this video is my edit of a video already available online:
Al Jazeera- PEOPLE AND POWER -“The independence tree” from 2008 featuring “Neem militants” in Senegal who are using Neem to prevent malaria.

Then a very brief excerpt from the popular book “Autobiography of a Yogi” recalling Mahatma Gandhi eating Neem.

Finally I added some edits of a BBC World Service radio report from around 1998 about Neem use in India and “biopiracy”.

The Neem, a tree in the mahogany family, is a widespread free medicine with many uses.
Taking Neem leaf and/or bark prevents malaria and many other diseases.

“Plantation” Neem is deprived in a monoculture, in commercial farming, which reduces nutrients in the plants and the soil.
“Wild” Neem communes with other plants where it can share benefits with its friends.
earthworks trading provides excellent Wild Neem from Africa.

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